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Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels - £3088

megyntyrell megyntyrell  •  2021-03-08  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 100

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We distribute emergency food parcels in Old Kilpatrick, Bowling, Dalmuir and Clydebank to almost 200 families every week. We also deliver to 50 families who are either elderly or shielding and unable to attend one of our distribution venues. Our weekly Foodbanks are open in Dalmuir and Clydebank every Wednesday 12-2 and we have a Community Pantry in Old Kilpatrick available Mon-Fri 12-1pm. We provide fresh fruit, veg, essential food items, toiletries, sanitary products, nappies and pet food.

What will you use the money for?: Stock of food items, storage boxes and crates, stationery, lap top, printer, PPE, volunteers uniforms 

Who will benefit from this money?: Our project will be able to provide a wider service and enable our volunteers to be recognisable. Having a laptop would enable us to record information and link clients to other support services   

Proposed on behalf of: Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels - £3088

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