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Bedford Avenue Community Garden- North and South Drumry TRA - £4300

megyntyrell megyntyrell  •  2021-03-17  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 106

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): The project is to create a community Garden on a patch of ground within our neighbourhood. This will allow local people to come together and grow good healthy food. The garden will be a place for people to share time, make and renew friendships and help them stay physically and mentally well. Gardening skills will be shared amongst the group and people will have the chance to learn. There will also be family learning and intergenerational learning and skill sharing. The Garden is a project from our TRA. The group is a voluntary Tenant and Residents' Association in the neighbourhood of Drumry, Clydebank. Our aim is to bring local people together to arrange community events, liaise with local service providers (mainly Council) on issues that are important in our area and campaign for change when it is necessary. We have our own constitution, committee and members who meet on a monthly basis to discuss our concerns, make plans and consider services delivered in our community. We consult our neighbours on an ongoing basis to attract more members and gather opinion on what would improve our neighbourhood.

What will you use the money for?: We are creating a community garden on a patch of land within our neighbourhood. Initially we would like to build several raised beds for growing vegetables, followed by constructing a cold frame or poly tunnel for bringing on seeds and for growing salad crops. Some of the land is still to be cleared and when it is we will plant fruit trees and soft fruit hedges. The most significant initial cost will however be a shelter or storage facility to keep our tools and equipment safe and to allow a place for people to sit and chat when working at the garden. Drumry is an area of multiple deprivation with few opportunities for people to meet and work together; we hope to go some way to changing this by building a community asset where people of all ages can meet, grow fresh vegetables and learn together. We hope to have the initial work completed by summer 2021 but this will depend upon the pandemic guidance.

Who will benefit from this money?: The people of North and South Drumry will be welcome to become members of the group and work on the garden. In the main members will be adults but we hope families will be able to work together at the garden. The Leamy project and Greenspace have offered help and assistance to run sessions in the garden to allow people to pick up skills and knowledge to allow them to grow what interests them. Gardening and healthy eating are important to overall health. This is particularly important in areas like Drumry where many people are living with disabilities and life limiting conditions. Connecting with people in the open air can contribute to improved mental health too. People will hopefully feel more connected to their neighbours and other local people thus combating isolation. They will also feel more connected to the environment and the place where they live. Drumry has its challenges and we feel that by people meeting and learning together at the community garden resilience can be built and some of the issues people face day to day can be overcome more easily.  

Proposed on behalf of: Bedford Avenue Community Garden- North and South Drumry TRA - £4300

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