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St Joseph's Parent Council - £4940

megyntyrell megyntyrell  •  2021-03-17  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 109

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We are a group of parents who support and promote the aims of St Joseph's primary school. We hold regular events that benefit the young people in our School. 

We try to bring benefits to all members of our school community and reach out to the wider community. In the past this has included allowing community access to the resources purchased by the parent council. 

What will you use the money for?: The money will be used to improve the resources for our rainbow base. This base supports children that have an additional support need. The money will develop the outdoor area that the young people access. 

It will include physical education resources, ICT resources and bicycles to promote healthy living. 

Who will benefit from this money?: The main benefactors of this will be the young people who access the rainbow base on a daily basis. 

The resources can be accessed by groups out with the base following the normal council procedures.   

Proposed on behalf of: St Joseph's Parent Council - £4940

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