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Awestruck Academy - £5000

megyntyrell megyntyrell  •  2021-03-17  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 114

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We are a creative arts and media centre in the heart of Clydebank. We have a great range of creative classes and activities for all age groups from art, music and IT training. 

We have an amazing Gaming Zone with Xboxes and PS4s as well as VIVE VR. 

A fully functional coffee and snack bar.

There is a recreational room which hosts board game eg professional chess sets and clocks, Draughts, Ludo and jigsaws. There are books and magazines available to read. We have fully operational pool table, air hockey and fussball table as well as table tennis to use.

We have a fully functional creche facility for under 5s that is unsupervised so parents and toddlers can use it at their discretion. There will be staffed classes soon.

We have an large art gallery for showing works from local amateur and professional artists throughout our monthly art shows. 

A fully equipped photography studio now available 

We have built a quiet room with 2 consultation rooms.

We have just completed a full refurbishment of our main hall for events and live performance stage. We have added professional video and audio recording services to complete our facilities.

What will you use the money for?: £2000 - IT Equipment  We will upgrade our IT capability for training classes. There will be larger screens and easy to use touchscreens for creative classes such as photo editing and digital art.

£700 - Art Gallery Flooring  Our art gallery desperately needs new flooring to compliment the space perfectly. This is the final piece of the refurbishment

£800 - Pool Table  Our pool tables have no legs and are worse for wear. This will provide a much needed recreation activity that is loved by all ages.

£500 - Consulting rooms equipment and decoration  We have built the framework of a large room that has 2 small consultation rooms in each for therapists or councillors to use within our building. There will be special lighting and sound system to create a quiet sensory room when needed. 

Gaming room equipment 1000 We will compliment our dedicated gaming room with the latest equipment for everyone to use, including our VR headsets to transport you to wherever you want to go.

Who will benefit from this money?: All groups and members of the public will benefit from this fund. We shall be providing the services within the Covid safe guidelines when the new equipment arrives. 

There is a whole host of benefits members of the public can benefit from as we are focusing on helping public mental health of all ages. 

We will be using our equipment in to provide positive mental health while taking part in activities in art/music therapy classes.  Using our VR or other consoles can provide a much needed distraction.

There is a recreational room which will be used as when required by all ages. From playing board games to listening to music and doing a jigsaw. Even homework can be done here then relax by playing pool or table tennis before heading home for dinner. All these services will be available during the day for adults of all ages. There will be classes for music and art or just recreation time with friends.

We will have a relaxing sensory room available to be used when needed. We have done in the past, a client of a carer was having a meltdown and needed to calm quickly in a quiet environment. We have all these measures in place as we work with all symptoms of mental health of all ages.   

Proposed on behalf of: Awestruck Academy - £5000

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