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The Dumbarton Castle Society - £4800

megyntyrell megyntyrell  •  2021-03-19  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 120

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): The Dumbarton Castle Society is a limited company in the form of a for non profit unincorporated charitable trust, comprising 59 members.

Our members are mainly retired professional people in our community who are motivated to promote local issues with regard to the historic site of Dumbarton Castle. 

Ordinarily, we meet once a month in an informal setting to discuss ongoing and new developments in the steering group.

The society was inaugurated in 2009 and continues to develop and embody its original aims and objectives on behalf of its members and the wider community, namely, but not only to;

1. Promote awareness and knowledge of Dumbarton Castle, the jewel of the west in terms of Scottish history, in terms of historic events and of the principal characters who enacted these events.

2. To develop a variety of ways in which to develop knowledge and awareness of actual historic events for the local and wider community and for tourists and visitors to this rich historic site of special significance.

3. Working with relevant agencies such as West Dunbartonshire Council and Historic Environment Scotland, to preserve all artefacts historically attached to the Castle.

What will you use the money for?: The Dumbarton Castle Society has promoted the history of Dumbarton Castle on the website, https://www.dumbartoncastle.co.uk/.

Including characters such as Robert the Bruce, Mary Queen of Scots, William Wallace, Queen Victoria, and historic evidence of links to King Arthur, Saint Patrick.

Dumbarton Castle Society will engage any award made by West Dunbartonshire Council by:

(i) Developing and upgrading the website in order to further promote Dumbarton Castle, including BSL (British Sign Language) and voice overs.

(ii ) Engaging a pilot project which will enable the preservation, safe and secure exhibit space for a group of artefacts at Dumbarton Castle.

Sustainability will be engaged beyond this funding by:

(i) Increasing our membership numbers.

(ii) Engaging funding from relevant organisations and agencies by, for example, demonstrating that we have engaged any funding awarded by West Dunbartonshire Council in a way which will generate positive outcomes for the local and wider community. Eg by contributing to increased visitor numbers to Dumbarton Castle and to the local area.

Who will benefit from this money?: The Dumbarton Castle Society seeks to engage all in our community, young and old, and across the age spectrum.

The local community will benefit from our project by engaging the rich seams of history and other areas of interest.

We know that the Dumbarton Castle Society is needed , and our associated requests for funding, due to feedback from our members and that we have contributed to in increase in visitor numbers from 2010 to 2018 in excess of 25,000 visitors to the Castle annually.

The local and wider communities; and, potentially, thousands world wide will benefit from a more enhanced website and from securing the continued preservation of the Dumbarton Castle artefacts.

We will engage projects with local schools and community groups to enhance the Dumbarton Castle experience through learning, participation and personal development.

For example, historic research projects with local primary and secondary schools; and historic theme events involving all in the community.  

Proposed on behalf of: The Dumbarton Castle Society - £4800

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