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The Bellsmyre Trust - £4700

megyntyrell megyntyrell  •  2021-03-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 126

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): The Bellsmyre Trust was conceived around 2006, following a detailed MSDI, Multiple Social and Deprivation Indices, study, which had been commissioned by Big Lottery, highlighting that Bellsmyre had been identified as one of four urban areas in Scotland which, under the criteria of the analysis, would be eligible for grant funding to address and develop issues of social and economic deprivation in the Bellsmyre community.

The amount awarded by Big Lottery to Bellsmyre was £1.9 m, with approximately £0.9m being engaged to complete a new build, The Cutty Sark Centre, on the site of the former Howatshaws Hall.

We engage all in the community with a variety of clubs and classes for the older and younger age groups and, as stated, across the generation spectrum.

The Trust has in excess of 1,100 members.

What will you use the money for?: The Cutty Sark Centre will use any funding awarded by West Dunbartonshire Council to procure a mobile modular assembly stage unit.

We will also procure a half size container where it can be compactly stored securely outside, but adjacent to the Cutty Sark Centre.

The stage will be assembled and disassembled by volunteers in approximately 20 minutes before and after each performance or extended seasonal performances. The modular units will be stored in a half sized container unit outside the main building.

This project would be sustained beyond funding by:

(i) Delivering presentations and performances to community audiences with examples being such as acoustic nights, folk and country evenings,  ceilidh band dances, stage plays, extended seasonal performances, etc.

(ii) Hiring out the facility to other local groups, which will bring additional revenue whilst allowing other groups to showcase their performances and  stage events.

This would attract sustainable revenue streams which, in turn, would contribute to the running expenses of the Cutty Sark Centre.

Who will benefit from this money?: All in the community will benefit from this project which will also be accessible to and enjoyed by the disabled in our community.

The project will work with existing and some additional organisations and agencies such as West Dunbartonshire Council, Big Lottery and local primary and secondary schools.

Therefore, this project would develop the Cutty Sark Centre in the context of hosting live artistic and entertaining presentations and shows.

The stage will provide the opportunity for performances and presentations which will allow The Bellsmyre Development Trust to move to a different level in terms of personal development, creative and artistic expression and the further development of community spirit and cohesion both locally and further afield.

The stage will also allow participants and the audience to further develop in an educational context by, for example enjoying participation in artistic and entertaining shows and events and by experiencing these shows and events as part of the audience.  

Proposed on behalf of: The Bellsmyre Trust - £4700

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