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West Dunbartonshire Community Transport Action Group - £500

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 67

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): West Dunbartonshire Community Transport Action Group was formed in 2019 have worked closely with WDC and an established CT operator to develop a Health Appointment service pilot scheme for Clydebank. The scheme will go on to develop a new CT operator for all of WD. WDCTAG are now looking to gain more members in capacities ranging from just expressing general interest in Community Transport to a more active involvement in committee roles. The group was set up with a common interest in developing Community Transport in WD particularly to reduce social isolation by working with community groups and improve health outcomes by helping people to health appointments. Members have a range of backgrounds from community activities to public transport operations. Pre-COVID we met face to face monthly but during COVID we have had weekly Zoom conferences. Over winter we have reduced back to monthly or as required between. Meetings revolve around developing the strategy to grow the group, attract funding and implement a pilot scheme in collaboration with WDC and a 3rd party operator

What will you use the money for?: In order to develop sustainable Community Transport we are working in stages to engage communities and individuals in consultations that will  a) help us recruit like-minded volunteers to the group and,  b) help us demonstrate need and demand in order to pursue further deeper funding.  The deeper, future, funding will allow us to implement a Demand Responsive Transport pilot scheme in Clydebank to get people to health care at QEUH. The pilot will then be used to develop a wider scheme for Clydebank residents to get to the Queens Quay social and health hub.

This seed funding of £500 will be used for promotional material and consultation materials prior to delivering the pilot scheme which is being funded separately. This will include posters, questionnaires and leaflets plus the design and printing of these materials. If COVID continues to interrupt us, then postage costs will have to be incurred which can be costly.

Who will benefit from this money?: For the pilot scheme we will be targeting health care and talking with GP practices and clinics to identify priority people who have difficulty getting from home to health appointments. This will not only benefit the patients but also reduce the amount of missed appointments which will benefit other patients and NHS by improving efficiency.

Post-COVID our planned 'Out and About' service will assist getting people to social appointments e.g. church, services, community classes, shopping centres. This is aimed at keeping people connected to reduce social isolation and improve mental well-being. 

In both cases, the priority parties will be those with less mobility rather than specific age groups although the elderly tend to be the predominant group.

When the Queens Quay development becomes more active as a central hub for health and social facilities then the wider community would benefit if we get a rolling loop service scheme up and running.  

Proposed on behalf of: West Dunbartonshire Community Transport Action Group - £500

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