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Radnor Park Multis Tenants & Residents Association - £5000

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 70

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We are a tenants and residents group formed to represent views of the near 500 households living in the Radnor Park multi storey flats. Our landlord is Clydebank Housing Association.

Prior to covid restrictions, we held bi-monthly meetings in Radnor Park Church and had representatives from Clydebank Housing Association and Police Scotland attend to answer questions from our community.

We have good working relationships with community groups and wish to see the area around Radnor Park enhanced both internally and externally.

Our activities extend to laying a wreath each year at a plaque on our grounds to commemorate the Clydebank Blitz which is well attended by the community, housing, and faith representatives.

What will you use the money for?: To install an 80th Anniversary commemorative bench in our community garden. This will allow our elderly residents in particular to have a moment of reflection. A new pathway and tidying up of some bushes and groundworks to enhance the access and view here.

Who will benefit from this money?: All of the tenants and residents of the multi storey flats, plus high school children going to/from the shop, plus other people going to the bus stop nearby may wish to take a moment to enjoy the community garden and pay their respects at the bench.

Proposed on behalf of: Radnor Park Multis Tenants & Residents Association - £5000

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