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Clydebank Can - £4520

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 72

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Clydebank Can is a community-based project that aims to bring to life the canal and bandstand area of Three Queen's Square in Clydebank. It will bring more arts and leisure activities into the area for local people to enjoy, giving everyone in the community more opportunity to take part in events and activities which improve health and wellbeing, and increase social and economic activity in the area. We are based in Clydebank and our normal activities include free group cycle rides, kayaking, music lessons, photography courses, social activities, arts classes and many more. We support local groups to access funding to deliver community activities for free and develop their volunteering opportunities. There is no formal membership, but participants must live, work, shop or socialise in Clydebank. Our online directory includes more than 200 local organisations.

What will you use the money for?: This funding will pay for a Leadership Course for young people from Clydebank who struggle to get employment or access further education. The 10-week course will develop their skills, networks and confidence, and they will gain a SQA Level 5 Leadership Award. Those who take part often have less opportunities in life than most people, so by choosing this project you will transform the lives of 12 local young people, giving them a brighter future with more possibilities, more chance of gaining employment or going onto further education.

Who will benefit from this money?: 12 young people who are local to Clydebank will take part. We will take referrals from local organisations who work with young people, but can also take self-referrals. Most young people who attend the free Leadership Courses face disadvantage for reason of recovery from addiction, difficult family circumstances when growing up, homelessness, employability, being a single parent, or a variety of reasons. This course is often the access point for them to turn their lives around. Previous courses have had 100% success rate and former course participants use the course to build confidence, develop employment networks and find secure employment or work experience. With the support of an experienced tutor and peer support, these young people have fun, make friends and discover the possibilities that lay before them with their new found skills and unleashed potential.  

Proposed on behalf of: Clydebank Can - £4520

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