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Clyde Shopmobility - £5000

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 73

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Clyde Shopmobility Premises are based in Clyde Shopping Centre . Current membership numbers are over 500 individuals living with a disability mental/physically , also individuals who are living with hearing / visual impairments . Recently there has been an increase number of younger members who are living with chronic pain conditions . 

Within the premises staff and volunteers facilitate a varied range of community activities to target the 65+ age group who may face social isolation and loneliness . Activiites include Yogability which is adapted to suit everyone's physical needs for participation,Walking and Scoot Group, Knitting Group . 

Improving lives locally with volunteer opportunities and supporting 16-26 year olds through employability programme to gain skills and work experience. 

Our Current application for Phase five funding was identified by our members as a Disability Peer Support Group would benefit anyone living with a disability who would like to engage with others experiencing similar disabilities . Providing Health and wellbeing sessions , information Hub and Self Direct Support Referals . Currently have 12 individuals interested in Group. 

What will you use the money for?: The money will help with the running cost's of the disability peer support group on a weekly basis , which will include an accessible room hire to ensure access for all to participate . When members can not attend session they can be in touch with others through digital devices which the group funding will ensure everyone can access internet and break down any barriers they may face . During sessions there will be light refreshments and we will provide mobility aids to ensure comfort and dignity for all participants.

The well-being sessions will support individuals who may be stressed or in need for relaxation advice to help deal with pain /mental health . These sessions will be adapted to suit the members physical needs to ensure equality for all to access these services.

Accessible room hire £30 per session £120 x 12 months £1440 Refreshments £30 per session £120 x 12 months £1440 Wellbeing session twice a month £70 x 12 months £840 -£500 already funded £340 6 Devices x £69 £414 6 x internet dongle x £18 x 12 months £1296 Mobility aids £70

Who will benefit from this money?: The main aim for the group is to reach out to anyone living in West Dunbartonshire who may living with a disability aged 18+ to have a shared interest in disability/difficulties they may be facing in their own lives. A supportive environment which will be a safe space to discuss disability and share experiences they may have faced and support other to overcome similiar situations.  Befriending and improving natural support opportunites, participation to access health and wellbeing sessions . Improve community engagement and help other who may be living with a disability that may be socially isolated and suffering from loneliness living alone or with no family support . 

The internet connection and devices will break down barriers to information and participation , creating an information hub and zoom activities braeking down any barriers previously faced due to lockdown measures.  Using leaflets and social media with accessible information for all needs.

Signposting to other health agencies available locally and further information of self direct support options available in West Dunbartonshire.   

Proposed on behalf of: Clyde Shopmobility - £5000

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