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Clifftop Projects - £4335

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 76

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Clifftop Projects run a variety of artistic activities including our Intergenerational Dance Company, inclusive weekly dance classes and the project we are focussing on for this round of budgeting - The Art Hub. (More info on our other projects can be seen on our website: www.clifftopprojects.co.uk)

The Art Hub supplies young people in areas of deprivation with an artistic challenge and all the materials they need once a week. It currently runs from Castlehill either outside The Phoenix or in lockdown situations supplies are hand delivered to young people across Dumbarton. 

We had 45 young people visit The Art Hub between August-December 2020 between the ages of 3 and 14. A further 13 young people were a part of our 'Art Hub in the Post' scheme that we ran for three weeks during Tier 4 lockdown in December. 38 young people are signed up for the Jan/Feb deliveries. Multiple members have declared an additional support need or disability.

Check out our video on 2020 Art Hub here: https://vimeo.com/487153601

What will you use the money for?: We would like to run a second location of Art Hub in Bellsmyre. After successfully running our Art Hub in Castlehill from July - November of 2020 we opened up 'Art Hub in The Post' during Tier 4 lockdown this November. The majority of young people who signed up outwith Castlehill were from Bellsmyre. We already have a relationship with The Cutty Sark Centre delivering weekly dance sessions there and would like to continue this relationship by opening up our Art Hub there once a week.

We would be based outside The Cutty Sark for one hour a week with our bookcase of supplies. Young people would be able to collect supplies and challenges designed by local artists for free each week.

The grant would pay for: A local woodwork artist to design us a second Art Hub unit. 21 weeks of art supplies and challenges. 2 members of staff manning the unit each week. Hall hire for 10 of the sessions (Oct-Dec). Marketing, co-ordination, contribution to Cutty Sark for advertising.

The £5000 would allow us to run The Art Hub in Bellsmyre for 6 months July - December 2021.

Who will benefit from this money?: The project will work with young people aged 5-14 living in Bellsmyre. Our continued work with people with disabilities would also mean that we could make sure to put on advertising that it is an accessible project for all to access.

Give Young People Solid Adult Relationships: The artists who run the art hub from the same location and at the same time each week will become trusted adults for young people.

Creativity and Collaboration: Young people will have to think outside of the box to respond to tasks and use their imagination developing skills that will aid in the future with creating problem solving.

Showcasing The Arts as a Viable Career Choice: The artistic challenges will be designed by artists based in West Dunbartonshire and will showcase to young people the viability of the arts as a career. This will raise young people's aspirations and show them potential routes into paid work. 

Wellbeing: The project will give young people the tools to use the arts to improve their own mental health showing them how to express their emotions and feelings through art as well as giving them fun activities to do when times are tough.  

Proposed on behalf of: Clifftop Projects - £4335

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