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The Big Disability Group - £5000

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 77

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): At the moment we are working from home. Set up in 2017 we have made it our mission to put people living with disabilities in touch with the amazing groups, clubs and organisations out there. We do this in several different ways. We post on our Facebook page daily about groups, clubs, disability information and special events happening in West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and further afield. We also have a 'Chat Group' on Facebook with over 300 members which is a great place to share information and connect with others. We are also on Twitter and Instagram too. We also hold our annual open day at Clydebank Town Hall where we give great groups and organisations a chance to meet the public and showcase what they can offer. The organisations who come along vary from national charities to local clubs and cover everything from health care to financial support to a game of football and meeting new friends. Our last open day had over 45 organisations ready to connect with over 250 members of the public who came along that day. Due to covid 19 our 2020 Open Day was held virtually on our website to ensure we could still provide this service.

What will you use the money for?: At present our current premises consist of just an office space. This space is not large enough for our 2 staff to safely socially distance and limits the amount of people we can accommodate/help. Our current office is located in a community centre which means that when covid restrictions are tightened we do not have access to our own office as the centre closes. This forces our staff and volunteers to return to working from home and affects the service that we can provide during times when the people we support need it most. Having our own premises would benefit our members and the wider community by providing a safe space to offer support and information, a drop in centre for people living with disabilities and their carers and a hub for our staff and volunteers to coordinate projects safely. We deal with all disabilities and age groups and because of this the amount of enquiries we receive has dramatically increased since lockdown, we continue to refer people onto other organisations and local authority for support.

Who will benefit from this money?: Through Lockdown last year we dealt with over 1700 enquiries many of whom wished they could drop in and speak to us face to face. With appropriate premises we could make our new office safe and accessible for our staff/volunteers and members of the public to drop in through appointments. With our new premises we are looking to help those in the community who are not on social media and do not have access to the internet. Through the lockdown we put our newsletters in every food hub parcel in West Dunbartonshire to reach those not on social media and got a great response but believe their is many more people we have to reach, we want everyone to have access to all the information and support that is available. We deal with all disabilities and age groups and because of this the amount of enquiries we receive has dramatically increased since lockdown.  

Proposed on behalf of: The Big Disability Group - £5000

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