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The Clydebank Sea Cadets - £1050

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 80

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): The Clydebank Sea Cadets started in Clydebank in 1943 and is based at 17 Miller Street. We belong to the UK's leading maritime charity for young people aged 10 to 18. We currently operate with a ceiling of 20 cadets and 5 volunteers owing to COVID-19 restrictions, but we plan to double our numbers when circumstances allow. We are dedicated to boosting the life prospects of young people in Clydebank through the huge range of nautical activities that we offer, the qualifications and skills we provide, the values that we set, and life-changing experiences that encompass offshore and international travel as well as competitions and events throughout the UK. Our nautical core comprises sailing, rowing, windsurfing, powerboating, canoeing and kayaking; and outside of it we have football, marching, music, swimming and engineering to name just some of the endless choices on offer. We encourage young people to believe and achieve, and making friends and feeling valued are high on our agenda. Everything that we do is enveloped by fun and underpinned by the highest of standards in safety and safeguarding. We are proud to be the Clydebank Sea Cadets, and proud Bankies too. 

What will you use the money for?: We will purchase 25 seats with tablet tables attached. As we have been closed for almost a year through COVID, our seats have become shop-soiled. However, they did not have tablet tables. Consequently, we seek new seats not only because our old are damaged, but because having tablet tables for each seat will allow us to socially distance cadets in a way that we could not do before as we gathered around communal tables. Further, our aiming point is to provide cadets with tablets so that from their new chairs they can go online to extract information that they require rather than have it fed to them in a manner that is passive and at the pace of the instructor. In short, we will modernise to provide student-centred learning where instructors will facilitate education and training with cadets at the centre of the learning journey. In this way we will make our training and education more interesting and, more importantly, effective. We will also help develop digital skills in our cadets and provide them with greater connectivity to the growing number of online resources and opportunities being provided by the Sea Cadets UK. New seats will enable a new Clydebank. 

Who will benefit from this money?: Our cadets will be the primary beneficiaries. However, we also aim for the community to benefit. With our doors set to open in March 21 to a more modern, attractive and forward-thinking Clydebank Sea Cadets, we would like to make our facilities available to the public in a number of ways. Primarily, we would like to offer the use of our facilities to community groups at an attractive rate, thereby using our spare capacity to income generate. As we are completely reliant on community support, and we encourage our cadets to contribute to the community, we would like to host social events, such as coffee mornings and 'crafter-noons' where the public can drop in and have a look. In 2021, and having regained our footing, we will start a Parents and Supporters Group that will take responsibility for improving our rapport with the public.   

Proposed on behalf of: The Clydebank Sea Cadets - £1050

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