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Whitecrook Short Carpet Bowling Club - £3000

admin admin  •  2021-02-22  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 83

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We are based in Centre 81 in Whitecrook, Clydebank. We provide indoor carpet bowling for seniors, this provides leisure and social time for the seniors of Clydebank. This group allows senior to maintain stability and coordination and helps to keep them agile in their later years, it most definitely helps their health and wellbeing. As well as this the group provides social interaction with others which helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression. At the group tea, coffee and cake and biscuits are also supplied so that people can still have a little chat. The group has around 30 members.

What will you use the money for?: The money will be used to buy 2 new short carpet starter sets which will cost around £2750 and set of bowls £250 to replace old water damaged mats

Who will benefit from this money?: The group will benefit from the money as they will have new, smooth, carpets which will also prevent tripping and falling.  

Proposed on behalf of: Whitecrook Short Carpet Bowling Club - £3000

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