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Bonhill Community Garden - £4170.15

admin admin  •  2021-03-02  •  West Dunbartonshire  • 

Investment project code: 93

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Bonhill Community Garden is a not for profit, community run Organic Growing Space, sited in the old playpark, Braehead. Open to all residents in Bonhill & nearby. We grow organic veg & plants mostly from seed, sharing the produce throughout the community. Garden is open daily & visitors are welcomed. We are 25 registered volunteers who take care of plants, fruit trees etc & maintain the garden area. Regular training Workshops sessions are planned to encourage beginners to gardening & to widen the scope of learning for all. The Climate & Environment are very important to the ethos of our project & we are committed to creating a zero waste space where bio-diversity is championed. 

What will you use the money for?: With these Community Budgeting funds we will be adding the feature of 'accessible' gardening into our Growing Space. With the addition of 4 wheelchair accessible, raised beds. This added facility will enhance the growing space by offering a wider inclusion across the spectrum of disabilities providing easy to handle gardening tools & a well lit, shelter area with mature ornamental shrubs to surround. 

Who will benefit from this money?: The wider community will benefit, on the whole, as this added facility offers: a wider inclusion reach to boost participation, especially across the spectrum of disabilities; bringing more individuals & families together, as well as educational units & other Groups, into what is fast becoming a community focal point. 'Growing Crops & Community Together' is an important aim of the Community Garden & this Growing Space is creating a welcome oasis where social inclusion & community togetherness is on the increase??   

Proposed on behalf of: Bonhill Community Garden - £4170.15

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  • PheobeMorisson
    PheobeMorisson  • 2021-03-28 22:10:15

    I hope the community garden wins. This would be the perfect place to relax and destress. It would definitely benefit my mental health.

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  • JayCai
    JayCai  • 2021-03-28 22:17:19

    Great team of volunteers. They do a great job and would love them to get the support they need to make the garden more accessible.

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