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Investment projects with scope: West Dunbartonshire


Firecloud - £4800

2021-03-19  •  megyntyrell  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): FireCloud was founded in 2007 by a group of young adults from Clydebank. We've been running for 14 years and became a charity four years ago. We provide year-round activities for people across West Dunbartonshire so that everyone has a chance to develop their self-esteem, confidence and talents and to be part of a community of people who care.

We provide learning opportunities for people of all ages to develop their talents in music, singing, dance, drama, photography, film, theatre production, event planning and hospitality We provide formation, skills development and mentorship so that local helpers can become leaders who help provide community activities for children and adults in and around Clydebank We provide events, workshops and projects which encourage young people to develop their talents and pursue their big hopes for their lives. We invite people into a community that is fun, friendly, supportive and kind We help people believe their lives matter and help them build supportive, resilient and lasting friendships

"I love coming to FireCloud and feeling part of something bigger and something that makes a real difference in people's lives." (Youth Volunteer, 21)

What will you use the money for?: We will use this money to help pay for a sessional worker to help us with administration, events, projects, communications and online support. We want to make sure local people who can benefit from our community work know it is happening and know how they can participate in the things they care about. 

We plan to introduce an improved communication plan (social media, newsletters, telephone calls etc.) to share information about the nature of our support, how and when events happen and how to join in. Having someone to help organise our events and projects will mean more people can engage with our activities and we will have the capacity to support people more regularly and spend more time with them. 

Who will benefit from this money?: This funding will benefit everyone we work with across West Dunbartonshire. Last year we ran 25 projects in schools, nursing homes, churches and community settings (from Whitecrook to Alexandria) with more than 200 opportunities for people to participate. We work with infants, children, teens, young people, adults and older people ranging from 0-90+ years of age. This grant will also support the work of our 80+volunteers who donate almost 6000 hours of time each year to help other people in and around Clydebank. 

All our work tries to reduce social isolation, encourage people to be active in their local community, increases skills and capacity within communities, provides opportunities for young people and enhances mental health and wellbeing. 

"FireCloud has had a great impact in my life. It has allowed me to work alongside others to help at events to ensure all those in my community feel included in the local community. FireCloud reminds people that they are never alone and that every person has their own unique set of talents that can bring happiness to other people. FireCloud helps to fight feelings of inadequacy and loneliness in society." (Youth Volunteer, 22)  


Awestruck Academy - £5000

2021-03-17  •  megyntyrell  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We are a creative arts and media centre in the heart of Clydebank. We have a great range of creative classes and activities for all age groups from art, music and IT training. 

We have an amazing Gaming Zone with Xboxes and PS4s as well as VIVE VR. 

A fully functional coffee and snack bar.

There is a recreational room which hosts board game eg professional chess sets and clocks, Draughts, Ludo and jigsaws. There are books and magazines available to read. We have fully operational pool table, air hockey and fussball table as well as table tennis to use.

We have a fully functional creche facility for under 5s that is unsupervised so parents and toddlers can use it at their discretion. There will be staffed classes soon.

We have an large art gallery for showing works from local amateur and professional artists throughout our monthly art shows. 

A fully equipped photography studio now available 

We have built a quiet room with 2 consultation rooms.

We have just completed a full refurbishment of our main hall for events and live performance stage. We have added professional video and audio recording services to complete our facilities.

What will you use the money for?: £2000 - IT Equipment  We will upgrade our IT capability for training classes. There will be larger screens and easy to use touchscreens for creative classes such as photo editing and digital art.

£700 - Art Gallery Flooring  Our art gallery desperately needs new flooring to compliment the space perfectly. This is the final piece of the refurbishment

£800 - Pool Table  Our pool tables have no legs and are worse for wear. This will provide a much needed recreation activity that is loved by all ages.

£500 - Consulting rooms equipment and decoration  We have built the framework of a large room that has 2 small consultation rooms in each for therapists or councillors to use within our building. There will be special lighting and sound system to create a quiet sensory room when needed. 

Gaming room equipment 1000 We will compliment our dedicated gaming room with the latest equipment for everyone to use, including our VR headsets to transport you to wherever you want to go.

Who will benefit from this money?: All groups and members of the public will benefit from this fund. We shall be providing the services within the Covid safe guidelines when the new equipment arrives. 

There is a whole host of benefits members of the public can benefit from as we are focusing on helping public mental health of all ages. 

We will be using our equipment in to provide positive mental health while taking part in activities in art/music therapy classes.  Using our VR or other consoles can provide a much needed distraction.

There is a recreational room which will be used as when required by all ages. From playing board games to listening to music and doing a jigsaw. Even homework can be done here then relax by playing pool or table tennis before heading home for dinner. All these services will be available during the day for adults of all ages. There will be classes for music and art or just recreation time with friends.

We will have a relaxing sensory room available to be used when needed. We have done in the past, a client of a carer was having a meltdown and needed to calm quickly in a quiet environment. We have all these measures in place as we work with all symptoms of mental health of all ages.   


Ben View Centre - £4650

2021-03-08  •  megyntyrell  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Ben View is a charitable organisation that delivers essential community care services to the residents of West Dunbartonshire. It has been in existence supporting community members since 1994.

We currently provide a lunch club to elderly clients, a befriending service, four youth clubs and a community bathing service. 

A vital lifeline to our project over the years has been Volunteer Team who underpin all of the above named projects. At present we have over 50 volunteers supporting our services. Our youth programme has gained strength year on year and it engages our young people in supporting local services and causes within the area and in the past we have supported, food banks, homeless initiatives, community garden project. Our members launched the first "Holiday Hunger" (Rise N Shine breakfast Club) which served over 500 breakfast / lunches to those in need during school holidays in its first summer with ongoing success.

What will you use the money for?: Our project will be a 90 minute weekly group class that will offer activities that will support the development of coping strategies for young peoples mental well being. The classes will be held in Ben View, sessions will be facilitated by identified trainers and the sessions supported by Ben View youth volunteers. The sessions will focus around:

- Talking / Communication - Breathing Techniques - Coping Strategies - Healthy Eating - Movement - Your environment - Relaxation - Journaling - Goal Setting

The fully qualified facilitators will be: yoga instructors, mindfulness instructors, NLP Sessions, art therapists, dance teachers. This will allow the young people to experience several different ways and help them find the best strategy for them. Our sessions can be adapted easily and facilitated through zoom if lock down restrictions continue long term.

Who will benefit from this money?: The project will work with young people aged from 9 to 16 in line with our youth programme age group. The sessions will be available to those outwith our own youth programme and it is our intention to work closely with local schools who may identify young people who would benefit from this. The aim of the project is to build self esteem and confidence of the young people, giving them access to various activities and techniques to build their coping strategies. The varied range on offer will allow the young people to experience a variety of ways that can support them and this could allow them to focus on one that they are most comfortable with all of the sessions will provide activities / skills that they will be able to use on their own out with our group sessions.  


Haldane Youth Services - £5000

2021-03-05  •  megyntyrell  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): surrounding areas of West Dunbartonshire delivering 4 community projects.Mini Hoppers targets children from P1 - P3, Hop, Skip & Jump targets children in P4 - P7 , Project 7 is our P7 group and Ur-Turn works with S1 -S6 pupils. We operate in one of the most disadvantaged areas in Scotland within many recognised areas of multiple-deprivation in our locality featuring in the top 5-10%. We engage with children and families who are experiencing difficulties in their lives due to unemployment, poverty, and other social issues. We work with various partners to deliver a comprehensive programme of activities to aid children's and young people's holistic development and learning. We achieve this by delivering dance, art, sport, music, weekly youth club, outdoor pursuits and residential trips for our young people to enable them to reach their full potential.

What will you use the money for?: We have plans to begin a Youth Café which will hopefully capture young people within the local area that have yet to access our service. In the hope to reduce anti-social behaviour within the area. We have recently installed a kitchen area for our young people allowing them access to a proper cooking environment. We would like to use the funds to purchase equipment for each station within the kitchen such as induction pots and pans, scales, bowls etc. As well as 2 foldable/movable tables which will sit 16 per table. These tables will not only allow young people to sit and eat together or invite family to our service to cook for but as they can move, they will be multi functionable within our service. This funding would allow us to continue teaching young people life skills and increase their confidence.

Who will benefit from this money?: Our new kitchen will enable all of our service users a safe and welcoming space to increase access to healthy meals, develop life skills such as growing of fresh food, budgeting, meal planning, cooking and social skills. The kitchen will also support members of the community and user groups who wish to use the space to connect and build on their own skills.  

Our organisations main aims are to; o Boost young people's confidence and self-esteem through fun learning activities. o Encourage greater social inclusion through our programmes. o Provide opportunities to "try new things". o Address young people's health and well-being by encouraging participation in healthy and outdoor activities.  


Clydebank Men's Shed - £5000

2021-03-01  •  admin  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We are based in the grounds of the Dalmuir CE Centre in Duntocher Road, near Dalmuir railway station. Our group has a membership roster of 120, with around 20 attending any our four, weekly, half-day sessions. We have a social room, with darts, pool, and Internet access and a well workshop with facilities for repair and restoration of wooden and metal items. Our garden area is under construction, and will be a pleasant place to enjoy the outdoors and indulge your green fingers.

What will you use the money for?: The money is to upgrade: The kitchen area, which is, at present, very basic. The present equipment was already old when originally fitted! The garden areas, with the provision of a potting shed and plantings. Access to the loft storage, so less regularly used equipment and supplies can be removed from the workshop thereby improving the health and safety of workshop users

Who will benefit from this money?: Our shed helps our members with their mental health and well being. This means that our members partners, and families all benefit from every penny invested in Clydebank Men's Shed. We also help the community! We help, wherever possible, with builds and repairs - from benches and fences to chairs and sheds.   


Centre81 Steering Group - £5000

2021-02-23  •  admin  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Centre81 Steering Group is a community based organisation based in Whitecrook Group members: 200+ Weekly activities: 4+ Tue, Wed & Thur and outreach 

What will you use the money for?: Planning on running homework club - that will focus on giving space, equipment and support for homework. This will benefit community in an area hit hard by COVID, and likely to impact further. With this money we want to also offer a summer family excursion to heads of Ayr farm park and a winter excursion to the panto.

Who will benefit from this money?: Young people and families of east Clydebank.   


West Dunbartonshire Amateur Swimming Club - £2000

2021-02-22  •  admin  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): West Dunbartonshire Amateur Swimming Club is a non-profit community swim club with squads training at the Vale of Leven Pool and Clydebank Leisure Centre. Established since 1914, we have a rich history of success, with members competing at every level from Mini League through to the Commonwealth Games. Our vision is to inspire individuals to be the best they can be creating an environment focusing on excelling, enjoyment and lifelong participation. We provide a strong development pathway through our development and competitive squads. The club aims to meet the needs of our members through structured coaching, led by our full time Head Coach and his coaching team. Our members cover a broad age range from our development swimmers of around 8 years old to our over18s Masters squad. Members compete on a regular basis at local and national level competitions, both as individual swimmers and as a club squad. The Club holds an annual Club Championship weekend of swimming which is followed by our annual Club presentation evening where swimmers achievements are recognised and the whole Club can celebrate together. The Club is run by an elected Committee of volunteers.

What will you use the money for?: We would like to establish an under 18s fitness squad and a water polo squad following our return to the pool post Covid restrictions (Tier 3 or lower). Unfortunately Covid restrictions have had a significant impact on the Club's finances and we are hoping to be awarded grant funding to allow us to progress to these next stages in our community programme. Our fitness squad will train under the supervision of a coach to improve and maintain their technique, and work towards maintaining and improving their fitness. We intend to hold our sessions at the Vale of Leven Pool initially. Any funding awarded to the Club will be used to fund coaching and pool time. To establish our water polo squad, we will require funding for equipment, coaching and pool time. The Vale of Leven Pool would be our home pool for water polo. If we are awarded funding for coaching and pool time, it will allow us to provide taster sessions and subsidised training to encourage participation from young people across the whole community to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Who will benefit from this money?: Our project is targeted at young people who wish to become involved in water sports for fitness and to be part of a club community. Community swimming in a club environment for young people is limited in the West Dunbartonshire area once swimmers complete the Learn to Swim Programme. The purpose of our community swimming programme is to encourage young people to keep fit and well, to make friends through participation in a team environment and to hopefully encourage a lifelong participation in sport within their community. Swimming offers physical and mental health benefits. Regular swimming is known to be effective at lowering incidences of stress, depression and anxiety, and improving sleep patterns. Swimming releases endorphins, giving participants a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. It is a great way to meet like minded people and share experiences together. The sense of being part of a team can develop a resilience that will advantage young people in their day to day life. Participation in sport and the benefits it offers our young people should not be underestimated.  


1st Glen Lusset Scout Group - £5000

2021-02-22  •  admin  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): We are based in our Scout Hall situated on Erskine Ferry Road, Old Kilpatrick. We currently have 82 members. Our Scout Group meets regularly throughout the year through formal meetings held in the hall. The Group is split by age range into various smaller groups such as the Cubs, Beavers, Scouts etc. In the past the Scouts were a male organisation but that has changed and now our Group has both male and female members. The weekly meetings are structured to allow time for play and learning new skills through the delivery of organised and approved badge work. In addition, we organise and deliver regular outings to the countryside for camping, hiking, hill and mountain climbing as well as canoeing. 

What will you use the money for?: We recently built a new ramp and entranceway to improve access and then raised funds to build a storage area adjoining the hall as well as putting a new roof over the existing toilet block. That was the first part of our longer-term project aim to refurbish the halls, kitchen and toilet areas so as to make them fully fit for purpose. The money applied for would be used for two aims. The first is to help us realise the redesign, refurbishment and modernisation of the old building. To do this we must start by hiring an architect and structural engineer. By doing so we can be fully engaged with them about the possibilities and be guided by them to secure approved plans and drawings in keeping with building and planning regulations. The second part of our project is to assemble new storage units and add two lockable steel cupboards for the storage of flammables, cleaning materials and important documents within the newly built storage area. This will allow us to move the camping and canoeing equipment plus flammable materials and important documents etc. to a more bespoke area which allows easier and safer access to these. It will of course also free up space in the old building. 

Who will benefit from this money?: There will be an immediate benefit to the 82 Scout members and their families who are fully engaged with the many Scout activities and trips that we organise and deliver. By initiating this process of renewal and refurbishment all of the existing Scout Group and their families will benefit but, importantly, future generations of Scouts will also be beneficiaries. In addition, local community groups will also benefit. For example, we engage annually with the local Care Home providing an evening of entertainment at Christmas and have also provided our halls to Action Old Kilpatrick for occasional fundraising events.   


Y Sort It - £5000

2021-02-22  •  admin  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Y Sort It is based in Clydebank, however works with young people across West Dunbartonshire, including young carers and care experienced young people. We run youth groups, cycle groups, carry out detached youth work, support young carers with respite and 1-1 support, run a mentoring service for care experienced young people. We are also young person led, with our board fully consisting of local young people! Through our universal youth work activities we work with around 60 young people regularly, through our Young Carers service we work with around 115 young people and through our Intandem Mentoring Service we work with between 10-20 young people.

What will you use the money for?: We recently moved our Clydebank youth groups from our own building to a youth space within the Hub Community Centre due to this room providing more space for social distancing. Our young people identified that the space was not as friendly and comfortable as the youth space in our building, so we challenged them to work together to redesign this space into one which would work for them and other young people.

They came up with great ideas and plans which would allow us to use the space in the Hub going forward for not only youth groups but also in support of staff/volunteer training and also for mentor - mentee meet ups.

The community budgeting money would be used to purchase the items the young people identified in order to create a more friendly, comfortable and accessible youth space. Items included soft furnishings, furniture/materials and lighting to create a quiet area/sensory space, materials and equipment to create an arts and crafts area, equipment to create a games/gaming area.

Who will benefit from this money?: Young people aged 8 - 25 who attend our services in Clydebank will be able to benefit from this money. As mentioned this will be through youth clubs, mentoring meet ups, and also provide a space for 1-1 support to be delivered in a young person friendly environment.

The young people we work with include young carers, care experienced young people and young people from some of the most deprived communities within West Dunbartonshire.  


Clydebank Asbestos Group - £4800

2021-03-19  •  megyntyrell  •  West Dunbartonshire

Group Information (where you are based, number of members, normal group activities etc…): Based in Clydebank, we are a committed group with a number of volunteers who represent us at board level and in our efforts to address the issues associated with the illnesses which people in our community suffer arising from asbestosis: thereby ensuring that they rightfully obtain full compensation, welfare benefits and civil damages. 

We are committed to adopting a holistic approach to each client whereby we will ensure that all clients receive the best possible service. This includes home visits, provision of a full benefit check, assistance to complete welfare benefit applications, and onward referral to other appropriate statutory agencies and charitable organisations. 

During the pandemic we have continued to provide much needed services through virtual focussed meetings with our clients to ensure that their claims are processed fairly and within a reasonable timescale. 

We will continue to help those in our community who rightfully claim Industrial Injuries Benefit and will provide assistance and advice on how to obtain legal advice and appropriate damages and compensation.

What will you use the money for?: We intend to support the continued employment of a young post graduate student in Politics and English Literature who recently hosted our virtual AGM in September 2020.

This young person delivered the virtual hosting in a very professional manner to the AGM and has continued to make significant contributions to The Clydebank Asbestos Group by positively assisting in administration and networking assignments.

The AGM which this person hosted was attended by our trustees, volunteers, a wide range of senior political supporters of our organisation, legal professionals, and council officers and by some of our clients families and representatives.

We intend to encourage this person to further develop their skills whilst delivering valuable assistance and support to the Clydebank Asbestos Group.

We will develop a training programme which will allow our staff and volunteers to further develop their skills in the context of procedural and legal aspects of our clients cases and associated needs and requirements during a time in their lives which can be extremely difficult and highly stressful.

Who will benefit from this money?: The local and wider communities to the Clydebank area will benefit from this initiative by being given additional support in their circumstances of being affected by asbestosis and by related illnesses.

The disease of asbestosis is usually delayed, thereby our main age group of direct support is with the over 50s.

Our clients will be provided with additional support in pursuit of reparation against, for example, former employers.

However, our support will cover all age groups as the dependants and other family members will also receive indirect support and benefit from the Clydebank Asbestos Group and its partnership organisations and agencies.

As stated, we work with a number of partnership organisations and agencies whom we have virtual meetings, including:

West Dunbartonshire Council Tayside Asbestos Group Macmillan Cancer Support WDC Welfare Rights St Margaret's Hospice QUEH Hospital Gartnavel Hospital

The development of a training package which reflects the increasingly complex needs of those affected by asbestosis will enable us to seamlessly navigate procedural and legal aspects of our clients' cases.