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St Joseph's - New Community Health and Wellbeing/ Sports Hub Equipment

Calum McConnachie Calum McConnachie  •  2024-01-24  •  No comments  •  Small Projects Grant Fund  • 

Investment project code: 51

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St Joseph’s Parent Council is a group of parent and carers who strive to support the local school in delivering their values, vision and aims. We have supported local members of the community in various ways by accessing funds to support physical activity, decrease isolation and decreasing health inequalities in the community. 

With any funding received the parent council would like to provide equipment for any group who would like to access the school facilities out with school operating times. There is a system in place for groups to ‘let’ the school out, but this funding would ensure that groups had access to health promoting and sporting equipment. This equipment would be based in the school to remove the barrier of storage for community groups. The equipment would be accessible to the groups to use to promote health and wellbeing via physical activity and healthy eating.

This project would be advertised as an opportunity for families to access a safe space whilst being active and healthy. This would be of particular use in the winter months when access to appropriate activity space is limited. This project would start in the 2024/25 school year.   

Location: St Joseph's Primary School, Faifley, Clydebank

Proposed on behalf of: St Joseph’s Parent Council

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