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Alexandria Community Council - New Noticeboards

Calum McConnachie Calum McConnachie  •  2024-01-24  •  No comments  •  Small Projects Grant Fund  • 

The current Alexandria Noticeboard.
The current Alexandria Noticeboard.

Investment project code: 58

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Alexandria Community Council is seeking to use the Communit Grant to commission two community notice boards to be erected in areas with regular footfall in Alexandria town centre. These would be handcrafted in durable wood. They would be designed to be accessible to wheelchair users with duplicate notices at 1000-1100mm and 150-1700mm. They would be place in locations which provide adequate turning space for wheelchairs. The design features of the notice board would hopefully become small focal areas in the town centre.

We will be engaging with a local wood crafting group in the design and construction of the notice boards.  Once constructed we will be communicating with community groups and inviting them to use the boards to promote their activities and events. We will have a QR code link to the Alexandria town website and Community Council Minutes and Agendas. The boards will be available for use by any group excluding political groups. We feel that these will be accessible and benefit local people and visitors to the area. It will provide information, which is often only available online at present, and often not readily available to many residents. It is hoped that this will help link more people with the groups and activities which are available.  

Location: Alexandria Town Centre

Proposed on behalf of: Alexandria Community Council

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