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Kinship Care West Dunbartonshire - Wee Kin Kitchen

Calum McConnachie Calum McConnachie  •  2024-01-24  •  No comments  •  Small Projects Grant Fund  • 

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Kinship Care West Dunbartonshire is based in Clydebank, and provide peer support groups, we provide caravan respite breaks 61 families last season . We have a child’s mental health group ‘still me’ we want to start a homework class for kinship children. We support over 100 families weekly and counting .We are moving to a large own level space to further our mission to eradicate isolation in kinship and achieve better outcomes for families but most importantly the children we care for.

We need a small kitchen to help provide more support to our users, and plan to convert one of the four rooms we have into a small kitchen space. We’d like to provide organic veg at least once a week to families from growers locally in West Dunbartonshire. We are hoping to get a small plot this year so kids and carers can grow their own and help not only nutritional needs but also teach then to use green space including their own gardens . We need food storage as with bigger space comes more families.

Location: Clydebank

Proposed on behalf of: Kinship Care West Dunbartonshire

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